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Moral Injury Recovery in the Aftermath of COVID trainings: 2022 Course Dates


Moral Injury: The War Inside

As one of the nation's thought leaders in the #Moralinjury field, we dedicate our efforts in helping individuals who are experiencing moral injury to overcome #TheWarInside.

What is Moral Injury?

Moral injury is the suffering people experience when we are in high stakes situations, things go wrong, and harm results that challenges our deepest moral codes and ability to trust in others or ourselves. The harm may be something we did, something we witnessed, or something that was done to us. It results in moral emotions such as shame, guilt, self-condemnation, outrage, and sorrow.

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About the Shay Moral Injury Center

  • Programs and Events

    Volunteers of America continues its efforts to help identify and treat moral injury as part of its service programs. Here you can find various moral injury programs and resources that VOA offers.

  • About the Shay Moral Injury Center

    Named for Dr. Johnathan Shay, the Shay Moral Injury Center at Volunteers of America conducts research on and promotes a deeper understanding of moral injury in the many populations who experience it.

  • Moral Injury FAQ

    Moral Injury is the injury to a person's moral conscience. The result of betraying your personal moral code can become profound internal suffering. Volunteers of America provides answers to six common questions that are often asked about moral injury.

  • Moral Injury Resources

    For additional information on Moral Injury and The War Inside, we have summarized our videos as well as some websites, books, movies and journal articles that cover the topic.

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